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Ashleigh Payne speaks at Fairfield High and Westfields Sports

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Royal Australia Navy Lieutenant Ashleigh Payne recently presented her personal story to students from both Westfields Sports and Fairfield High.

Ms. Payne who joined the Navy upon finishing her HSC at Westfields Sports High outlined the benefits of joining the defence force and what she has been able to achieve so far.

Ashleigh’s presentation can be accessed under Programs then Presentations on the FDN website

FDN Director becomes CPA

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The Future Direction Network board of directors would like to congratulate one of its fellow directors – Irene Pediotis who was recently admitted as a certified practising accountant (CPA).

Ms. Pediotis who grew up in St Johns Park and still resides in the area is a founding director of FDN. Irene attended St Johns Park High School before graduating from a Bachelor of Business at the University of Western Sydney.

Irene who is currently employed as an accountant at Kamper Chartered Accountants in Rockdale is testament that hard work and determination can help you achieve your goals.
Pediotis stated that she was very proud of what she has achieved, given that “my parents never attended university nor did my brothers….I was able to do it through hard work and determination ….it has been a great experience and so rewarding to have been able to achieve my goal of becoming a CPA”.

Irene will be the guest speaker at both Westfields Sports and Fairfield High in term 1.

Nicole Kassis joins the FDN board in January 2012

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Tax attorney Nicole Kassis joins FDN in 2012 as a newly appointed board member. Nicole, who completed a double degree in Law and Business at the University of Technology and is currently studying a Master of Law (specialising in taxation) is a welcome addition to the FDN board.

Nicole brings a wealth of knowledge in terms of understanding student values and needs having tutored many students across a broad range of subjects for a number of years. Nicole also brings strong skills in law and taxation having played a significant role in helping FDN secure deductible gift recipient status (DGR) in 2011.

“Nicole is passionate about helping FDN achieve its mission and has a real desire to help disadvantaged students continue their studies. Nicole will bring a great work ethic and a complimentary skill set to the FDN board. We are pleased to have her on board” Future Direction Chairman Corey Payne quoted.

Guy Zangari MP, Member for Fairfield, to launch FDN Screen Initiative

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The Hon Guy Zangari MP, Member for Fairfield, launched the Future Direction Network’s (FDN) latest initiative to inspire and motivate high school students to go to University.
FDN — in conjunction with the University of Sydney Business School — have installed LCD screens at both Fairfield High School and Westfield Sports with inspirational quotes and study tips, as well as images highlighting the prospect and aspiration of university life. These screens have been placed in areas of regular student traffic, becoming a regular source of inspiration for students to consider furthering their education at university.

Fairfield High School and Westfield Sports have also hosted quarterly presentations by FDN Directors; including Chairman Corey Payne, himself an NRL Bulldogs player and local boy, lawyer Jennifer Slaviero and financial analyst Ninus Kanna.
The mission of Future Direction Network is to inform, educate and inspire youth from South West Sydney about the importance of attending university. This is to be accomplished through mentoring programs, career pathway planning and financial assistance (scholarships) mechanisms. FDN are intent on bridging information gaps and demystifying common misperceptions that students from South West Sydney hold with regards to university study.
“This is a fantastic opportunity for Fairfield High School students to receive daily inspiration. Thanks to the University of Sydney Business School, we can get our positive message across to students on a daily basis and help build aspiration and ambition for these students to attend university”, Mr Payne said.
Mr Zangari also agreed. “It is important local students realise that they too can go to university. Like any goal all they have to do is work hard at it.
“By having mentors who grew up in this area, the students at Fairfield High School and Westfield Sports High School have real life examples that hard work and sacrifice really does pay off”, Mr Zangari said.
Ekbal Sayed-Rich, Head Welfare Teacher at Fairfield High School, said “I would like to acknowledge Future Directions Network Team for their valuable contributions to the lives of the students at Fairfield High School and in their aspirations to achieve higher educational outcomes.
“We are privileged to be in partnership with an organization that highly values the importance of continued higher education and invest in the futures of young people in SWSR by giving back to the communities through powerful role models, education workshops and shared thinking strategies to setting higher expectations and goals in education. Dream it, believe it, achieve it. FDN, we share your vision for our students!” Ms Ekbal-Rich said.

Congratulations Corey Payne

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The Compass Program would like to congratulate Corey Payne for the Young Alumni Award for Achievement received at the Annual Alumni Awards held last week at the Great Hall. Corey founded the Future Directions Network (FDN) to encourage young people from less privileged schools or low socio-economic areas of Sydney to engage in tertiary study.

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Meet a Compass champion: Ekbal Sayed-Rich

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Compass Coordinator and Head Teacher of Student Support National Partnerships at Fairfield High School

I chose to pursue the Compass program because it is a proactive program which raises awareness about aspiring to attend university as early as year 7 and not limited to the traditional planning for university during senior years. I also chose to be a Compass coordinator because it is well known through research that there is a correlation between higher education, better health, longevity, job prospects and the ability to earn higher income levels. The benefits for low income families in accessing higher education is positive and life changing and improves the living standards of those families whose members graduate from University.

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Fairfield High School to Seymour Centre for NSW State Dance Festival

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Fifteen Year 9 students from Fairfield High School’s dance class joined the crowd at the Seymour Centre for NSW Public Schools State Dance Festival 2011 on 16th September. The festival showcases the work of over 1,500 students from Kindergarten to Year 12.

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Ninus Kanna speaks at Westfields Sports and Fairfield High (9th September 2011)

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FDN Director Ninus Kanna recently spoke to students from both Fairfield and Westfields Sports High, answering questions about going to University, as well as seeking to inspire local students about the virtues of tertiary education.

Ninus — who grew up in Fairfield West and completed his HSC at Westfields Sports — studied Economics at Macquarie University and has worked as a real estate securities analyst for both ING Investment Management and CLSA Asia-Pacific Markets.

Ekbal Sayed Rich, Head Teacher of Student Support at Fairfield High commented “Ninus was great, easy going and the students found him easy to relate, too”.

A copy of his presentation can be found under Presentations on the FDN website or here

FDN – Fairfield High School and COMPASS a successful partnership (8th of August 2011)

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Ekbal Sayed-Rich – Head Teacher of Student Support at Fairfield High School is more than impressed with the experiences that COMPASS have been able to offer her students since partnering with FDN and COMPASS in early 2011.

Students from Fairfield High School have visited the University of Sydney over thirteen times this year as part of the COMPASS – find your way to higher education program.

Students from year 8 to year 12 have taken part in various enrichment programs at the University of Sydney in 2011 including Chemistry, Physics and Biology Kick-start programs. Students have also benefited from essay writing skill days and visits to the Nicholson and Macleay Museums and the Indigenous Experience Day.

Students from eight faculties at Fairfield High School have attended COMPASS organised events at the University of Sydney in 2011 with teachers also benefiting from the experience. Rebecca Goldsmith, a Visual Arts teacher at Fairfield High was a beneficiary of a film editing course organised by COMPASS where new skills acquired on the day can be passed on to her students.

COMPASS does not only aim to help students build their aspirations to study at university but also aims to inform parents about the benefits of further study and how it can be achieved. As such approximately 86 mothers, fathers and sons and daughters from Fairfield High recently attended a COMPASS event at the University of Sydney to gain a clearer insight into what university study can be and how it can be accessed.

“The FDN/COMPASS/FHS relationship has been a great success so far this year and has grown immensely since the start of the year” Principal Robert Mulas commented.

FDN Chairman to Speak at COMPASS Step Forward 3 Day Camp (8th of August 2011)

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As part of the ongoing collaboration between the Future Direction Network and COMPASS (University of Sydney Social Inclusion Program) Chairman Corey Payne has been invited to be a guest speaker at the COMPASS Step Forward camp on the 6th of October 2011.

Corey has been asked to talk about his experience as both a student and professional athlete and how he has successfully been able to couple the two competing obligations.
“I am really looking forward to speaking to the students about the importance of continuing to study and playing sport. It can be very difficult to juggle both obligations and easy to get side tracked from study when playing sport. However, in my experience working out how to balance both study and sport can be extremely rewarding and really benefit one another” Corey stated.