FDN Announces 2019 Scholarship Recipients

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Dear Friends and Supporters of the Future Direction Network,

Today we announce, with great pleasure, our 2019 FDN Scholarship Recipients.

  • Wendy Lam (Canley Vale High School); and
  • Tiarna Scerri (Hurlstone Agricultural High School).

Chairman Ninus Kanna was again pleased with the high number and quality of applicants. “The number of applicants this year was impressive, but the quality of our finalists were tremendous. We take pleasure in meeting and understanding the stories of candidates; our toughest time is selecting from such a lovely group of people”. “Given the quality candidates, we took our time again this year. We think its worth it”.

“The selection committee found that Wendy and Tiarna, through commitment to career and community despite challenging circumstance, best reflect our core message to the students of South-West Sydney”, Ninus said.

This year marks the seventh year of the FDN Scholarship Programme and we are very proud to announce that we have committed $288,000 in scholarship payments to 16 students.

“On behalf of the board, the scholarship recipients and their mentors, I would like to personally thank everyone who has supported FDN and continues to support FDN”, Founder and Executive Director Corey Payne stated.

About the 2019 recipients:

Wendy Lam

Wendy Lam is currently studying a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology/ Diploma of Information Technology in Professional Practice at the University of Technology Sydney.

Wendy is an only child and the first in her family to attend university. She says that she “feels blessed that [she] has such an opportunity.” She is an introspective and determined individual who enjoys watching crime shows and reading. Wendy also is passionate about many things, including science and philosophy. She enjoys learning, and has a desire to be a well rounded and well informed person – not only in her field of study but in regards to societal issues as well.

In terms of career, Wendy hopes to be able to work in the field of cybersecurity, saying that, “As technology is becoming more entwined in all our lives, it is important that we are able to protect our personal data and information.” She wants to be able to help others, believing that there is a lot that can be learned in interacting with other people. Overall, Wendy wants the work she does to be meaningful, and she wants to continue to grow and learn.

Tiarna Scerri

Tiarna is completing a Bachelor of Science and Laws at the University of Sydney.

Completing her HSC in 2018, Tiarna is the eldest of three children in a single-parent family and received very high HSC marks, despite recent family estrangement and financial devastation.

Her passion is Agriculture — she was a Rural Youth Leader, Junior Rural Ambassador at the Camden Show and has “…a passionate advocate for Australian agriculture. I am deeply interested in the legal ramifications of its emerging biotechnologies”.

Her other passions include Go-Kan-Ryu Karate and Ballet.

After university, Tiarna’s ultimate goal is to be involved with the International Bioethics Committee. “I aspire to be employed in the creation, review, regulation or enforcement of Australia’s legal boundaries around scientific research, namely the evolving application of genetic biotechnology. The International Bioethics Committee is the global forum on bioethics and its legal ramifications”.


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